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Gender: Male
Profession: Project Management
Current Weight: 78 kg
Location: Bristol, England
About me: 
Ex-Military, now working with the MOD. Originally from a City called Leicester (In the Midlands) Now residing in Bristol. Currently single and enjoying the freedom to train that having no responsibilities brings!
Why do I run: 
Because I'm grumpy if I don't run. I love the sense of freedom, it is my thinking time and finally because sometimes you just want to put yourself in a dark place to see if you still can suprise yourself so you'll not be one of those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat... It's a nice kind of hurt!
Why I started running: 
Originally because it helped my Judo, (I was in the British Junior squad), Then when I joined the Army in 1984 (Left in 2007) being a runner was encouraged