RunninAway's profile   

Gender: Female
Profession: Home Educator
Current Weight: 62.1 kg
Goal Weight: 56.7 kg
About me: 
Homeschooling mom of 2, new to athletic activitiy :) (unless you count hiking) I love to read, hike, camp, and laugh!
Why do I run: 
I enjoy the challenge, love the way it clears my head, de-stresses me and makes me feel young and alive again. (I'm only 35, but when you're fat and out of shape, ya feel much older.) I also love what it has done for my figure, and that I can never get bored with it because I can just change the scenery and the music!
Why I started running: 
I started running because a fast-paced 5 mile hike just about killed me, and it was very frustrating to feel physically limited, especially since I had no real excuse for being limited. I set out to find a fun exercise that I could do year-round, no matter where I was, which I could set my own schedule for, loose weight and keep it off with, and would not get bored with. Tall order, but running seems to fit the bill perfectly.