EnricM's profile   

10K experiment in canvas !!!
Name: Enric Martinez
Profession: IT Support Specialist
Age: 59
Height: 1.72 m
Current Weight: 71 kg
Goal Weight: 64 kg
Location: Hilversum, Noord-Holland
Home page: http://bibnumber666.blogspot.com/
About me: 
Extreme Metal fan, vegetarian, photographer but above all runner.
Why do I run: 
The modern humans move too little. Everything is EASY, we use escalators to climb a few meters, we dwell in couches and play virtual sports sitting on a chair... WTF? I want to be and feel HUMAN, I want to DO not to let other things DO. I want to feel my body, the pain, the burn, the pleasure, the rain, the wind, the heat and the cold. I want to be ALIVE!
Why I started running: 
I was a World Of Warcraft fan and I enjoyed training with my Death Knight a lot... I got RSI and started dropping some minutes of elliptical and some reps with the dumbbells in between the hours on line. I decided to try some jogging... I found out that real world training was ten thousand times more fun than World of Warcraft.