What's best for rehydration after running? (Read 308 times)

    I like just straight (not chocolate) milk.  If I started off dehydrated sometimes I'll drink water before it to help rehydrate with no calories.  Today I ended up running in the heat of the day (thunderstorms this evening) so I added a little salt to the milk.

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      On average, probably water for hydration alone. But in hot weather, I like cold green tea. Medium weather, chocolate milk or similar. Cold weather hot cocoa. I'm not a fan of sugary stuff for recovery. The chocolatey milk stuff works well for recovery.

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      If you ask

        I can't believe nobody has voted for coke, or for (theoretically...not that I would ever try this Joking) the smug organic version of it. I hear it's great after a long run,especially if Gatorade etc give you a stomach ache and you'relactose intolerant so omgchocolatemilk is out...


        Ok fine I admit it. I vote for smug organic sugar water.


        After a hard race the only thing I can stomach is diet coke (fountain).   It takes HOURS until I'm able to eat anything.   I get so jealous of all the trail runners drinking beer...


        Normally, I prefer water.

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            Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject.