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    Do any of you guys have dog encouter stories while running? 3 weeks ago on an early morning run, two very large loose dogs (one a pit bull) charged me. Luckly for me there was a parked pickup truck right next to me, so I jumped in the back of the bed. The killer dogs ran around the truck a few times, then, just ran off. Needless to say when the coast was clear, I jumped out and finished my run in the other direction. Wink Now I carry pepper spray with me. Evil grin
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      I believe TX is instituting a law which will impose $10K fines to dog owners when they attack someone.
      I think that is a good idea, in addition to putting the animal down. Perhaps people would think before letting any dog loose if they might feel pain in their own pocketbook. But I think there should be fines for simply having a loose dog, even if it doesn't attack. Waiting to fine people until after their dog has harmed someone else is too late, IMO. k

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