There is no need to run far or fast, to stay healthy (Read 207 times)

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    A new user/no log OP started a thread with a link. So what?  Sometimes that can actually lead to a good discussion.



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      My oft repeated quote I learned somewhere:


      there are three kinds of runners;

      Jogger: they run for fitness

      Racer: they run for performance

      Runner: they run because they enjoy it


      And all spheres overlap to an extent; people can be all three things at the same time, or mainly just one. I think the majority of people on RA are racers. All of these types benefit by better health and mental well-being. The jogger is the one who gets the most health benefit for the time they put into it.

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        I fondly remember in Galloway's old book the picture of the jogger to runner sequence. https://www.therunnerstrip.com/2014/02/book-review-jeff-galloway-trips-and-falls-in-trail-running/

          I run because it makes me happy.

          i haven’t run a race since 2007

          i walk lift and do yoga for my physical health.

          i run for my mental health