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    There are quite a few South Africans. I am another one.
    Yip, we're here. Well when the power's on anyway. Wink

    Marathon runners suffer the agony of da feet

    One day at a time

      Yip, we're here. Well when the power's on anyway. Wink
      I read about that! People being stuck on the cable car up to Table Mountain in Cape Town, and at the top. Oh, well, if it was nice weather, I wouldn't mind being stuck at the top! Sit back, drink some beer, and look at the unbelievable scenery. I can't wait until I get to go back in November! What a beautiful country you live in.

        Thank you so much for making room for us CR peeps who can't stand the new site! I know you don't want new users especially to get all negative and neither do I for that matter, but what was Active thinking? I even wrote to them well ahead of the integration and questioned the rationale behind the forced switch to the new platform. Why not grandfather all the CR users in and gently migrate them by adding features to the Active site to eventually achieve parity in the functionality? Then again, I should applaud their decisionmaking,because now I found RA! Woo Hoo! Anyway off to the rest of the Forums. Just wanted to say Hi and more importantly, Thank You Eric Smile !! -Mark

          That might be a first - I'm sure if we've got any other South Africans here. Very cool! Welcome. And you do have some amazing races: Comrades is on my must-do-before-death Top 5 list. Oh, and I'm stealing this: "Thats what make this site special - a love of running no matter what your background!" Wink
          No problem - been off line for a while, I'm back at work after our summer break and havn't had time to log my runs. At least I am still training. We have some amazing races in Cape Town! In March we have the Two Oceans, which is a 56Km ultra, billed as the worlds most beautiful marathon, as well as the Two Oceans half marathon, which is the biggest in the country- it will attract about 17000 runners! We also host the worlds biggest individually timed cycle race, the Argus as it is known, which will have about 35000 riders covering 105kms There are a few South Africans using this site - just look at the logged routes. Cheers!

          One day at a time

            Just booked airline tickets for next November, going to Johannesburg and returning from Cape Town. Now I have to wait 9 months! Cry

              Eric,I'd just like to say ' Thank you' for making this site available. P. S.If you make it far enough north in the UK, I'll make you haggis. * Relax! I won't make you eat it....*


                  Smile You can just gaze at it in wonder.....
                    That seriously looks good. And kale is so good for you. That is kale, right, not some sort of sheep spleen?

                      The green stuff is parsley...The sheep's ' guts' are all in the stomach ( the bag holding it all together...) Smile Who could resist it?


                        Excuse the interruption but I just wanted THANK ERIC for creating this awesome site and keeping it up for us newbie's/CR followers. I tried to stick with CR but I'm so frustrated I left. I'll be respectful of everyone and I'll be as supportive as a newbie can be. Thank you in advance to everyone I don't know yet who keeps this site going. YOU'RE AWESOME. Nancy
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