This feels like a silly question - about drinking during a race. (Read 1280 times)


Barefoot and happy

    Trent, how about drinking water that's actually as salty as sweat? Most folks would probably find that gross, but it could be an acquired taste. Or masked with sugar or citrus, I suppose.
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    12 Monkeys

      Gatorade Endurance formula is the major sports drink that is as salty as sweat. It gives many folks diarrhgood thing, and I saw long long lines after mile 20 at a marathon (the portapotties late in races usually are abandoned as all the runners are done peeing by then). So the advice remains the same: drink to thirst at most. If you do that, it really should not matter what you drink in terms of hyponatremia risk or diarrhea risk. Some folks use salt tablets or capsules. That is another fine approach.