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    Brew - as of now I am NOT planning to bring kiddos on the trip to Chicago. Figure it'll be a good time for dad to do the 2 kiddos on his own thing, since I'm sure I'll have done it well before that. He seems fine with it now that he's done a lot of single dad spurts. I'll probs do public transport, but haven't even thought about the trip much. I'm somewhat familiar with Chicago since my parents met there and I have family there.


    Ace - I think given the new time qualifications you're probably good for Boston.


    Rlk - hope you're feeling better by now. I've always done 3 week tapers and they seem ok for me.


    DW - I had a really good jacket for Boston 2018 but the long time out there still did me in. It's a goo thing to have, though.


    Hi everyone. I was going to run today again but the air quality is getting such that I have to do it in the AM and DH gave me a chest cold. I feel better today so maybe a short weekend run. I've been doing yoga and spin classes as well, since the running is pretty limited and will remain so until probably end of April 2019 (I'm due in March).

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      Brew:  I bet max could recommend a 200M ultra...then you just need to run an additional 100M leading up to it. 

       10/4:  Twin Cities Marathon

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        Good wishes to DW and all CIM runners. Anyone else racing this weekend. I am doing a half, it will be mostly easy pace and Iam off to my college reunion next week. Party begins

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          katia I was jokingly discussing the "single dad thing a few times" with a friend today. DW is going to a fancy girls night out and my buddy was joking NeRP #2 might just happen.


          omr well he IS about an hour from some family I have out there. Does the race allow race day entry with a delayed start? asking for a friend.


          arvind Keen is going for a 3:03 somewhere tomorrow.

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            I've already wished Keen good luck in the sub 1:30 thread, but since this is his true and proper home for marathon running, wishing him the best of luck here. You've had a great cycle and it's time to reap the rewards.


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              Keen: I think I'm a week off and your race is actually tomorrow - crush it!  You'll do great.

              Brew: Marathon training is great, it's the races that suck.

              KK: Hi!

              JMac: Glad to see the peer pressure is working.  I was worried for a while that Jim's Kat would have to pull out The Book Of 3:20 and start reading from Section 9.a.VI.234.t.  But then I remembered that she lost it anyway.  It's sad to see the ancient wisdom going by the wayside.


              If anyone else is racing this weekend - good luck!


              When I packed I thought about bringing gaiters - no need, because it's this nice packed trail of crushed gravel.  (Plus a pair of Dirty Girls is quite bulky...)  Practically the first thing the RD said to me today at bib pickup was "The whole course was flooded a few weeks ago.  They had to rebuild the whole path.  Hopefully you brought gaiters."  He's going to bring me a set tomorrow and if I can't get the velcro to stick on my heel maybe I'll duct tape them down.  Good thing I duct taped the little holes in the front from 500+ miles of use.  Shoe issues is a repetitive theme in my race.  Anyway, now I have something specific to be anxious about instead of the usual "everything and nothing" pre-race anxiety.


                Keen: best of luck tomorrow! Have fun, stay positive, and run your ass off! Any tracking available? Which marathon is it, again?

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                pie man

                  Brew, not trying to take anything away from Camp, that’s a horrific thing and there is undoubtably going to be much more tragedy that we haven’t heard about yet (I’m hearing whispers and they’re devastating).  My grindstone coworkers live in Chico and it was a frantic couple of days personally  as they fought it at the edge of the city.  I almost went up there to plant trees at our ‘seed orchard’ site last Monday—that’s on the south and east edge of town.  I don’t think the fire reached it, but it was close.  Also that Arby’s that serves the duck burger is there.  Important things.


                  But something did burn in Ranch: my forest.  It’s not empty by a long shot and they didn’t treat it as such.  It’s full of places that were important to people, including cabins, campgrounds, trails, and the most important to me—archaeological sites.  They were fighting it the whole time, first where the populated places are along Clear Lake then at every opportunity further up into the forest.   There are dozer lines and even hand lines on every possible ridge throughout.  I’ve been through a lot of it and it’s just nuked.  The only parts that look remotely ok are where they did controlled burns and thinning cuts (not a coincidence!).  They wrapped the one historic cabin and pulled everything back by hand there and it miraculously survived (also a random outhouse that was nearby was wrapped and survived see below).  And about a month in they set backfires along the northern edge that stoped it about three ridges and 6 or 8 miles away from the barracks where I was living for my first six weeks.


                  My job here went from ‘hunting down fun archaeology in a scenic national forest’ to walking a hundred miles of roads to release areas they need to remove trees to reopen the place (maybe not for a year or more).  Every day I’m up in burned areas and it’s numbing.  So sorry if I seem defensive.



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                  Arvind Balaraman

                    best wishes keen looking forward to your success and race report


                    Mother of Cats

                      Thanks for the good wishes Arvind - we're still two weeks out plus a bit.  Good luck in yet another half?  I'm still feeling Richmond.


                      Smax - good luck.  I'd come out and cheer you on in your defense of a recurring bad idea (and lend you some women's XS gaiters), but unfortunately you are 7 hours away.  (I'm in the NE corner of Virginia; he's in the SW corner.)


                      K - good to see you back here!  (what the heck that goes for Jmac as well).


                      This forum feels like a dorm with three different parties going on.




                      10 miles for me today.  My coach announced that the workout would take place as scheduled at the track (as opposed to the back-up location of under the freeway).  However, I arrived to learn that the track was not up to my exalted standards.  Way too icy, with a nice mound of snow in one corner.


                      So after a 2.5 mile warm-up there and a quick chat with my coach, I drove down to Georgetown to do a workout there - luckily a bike path/sidewalk loop near the freeway was ice-free, so I did the workout there (after another 1.5 mile warm-up).  The loop was approximately .8 of a mile, so 2.5 loops was roughly two miles.  I used my Stryd foot pod to measure, and got 2.01 miles in 13:01 for the first rep (6:28 pace) and 2.06 miles in 12:34 for the second red (6:06 pace).  I think the distance/pace on that second one is a bit off - I'm fairly sure I didn't do a 2 mile rep at pretty close to my 5K pace.


                      Whatever pace I ran, I did the right approximate distance at the right approximate effort, so win.  Also did injury prevention work and recovery swimming.


                      Chatted with my coach about CIM, and agreed that my back-up race would be RNR Arizona in mid-January.


                      [and no, I think it's still too early to worry about CIM and AQ or other issues. But it's still always good to have a back-up plan, and I didn't have one before for CIM]


                      There just aren't that many good back-up choices in December.  Rehoboth is the next weekend, and would be the obvious choice, but it doesn't have the greatest reputation for good organization.  Kiawah would be a massive pain to get to last minute, and RNR San Antonio looks like I would be running solo for much of the race.  I don't want to do a race after December 8-9, because that would extend the taper too far.  At that point, it's better to wait another month, and do another mini-cycle before re-peaking in mid-January.  And RNR AZ is fairly easy to get to from DC, I'm familiar with the area, and it's a very fast course with usually good weather.


                      Hopefully all of the above will prove totally pointless.

                      Everyone's gotta running blog; I'm the only one with a POOL-RUNNING blog.


                      And...if you want a running Instagram where all the pictures are of cats, I've got you covered.


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                        But something did burn in Ranch: my forest.  It’s not empty by a long shot and they didn’t treat it as such.  It’s full of places that were important to people, including cabins, campgrounds, trails, and the most important to me—archaeological sites.


                        PJ - I am very sorry for what you are going through right now, and what you continue to have to work through.  That's got to be very draining, with no respite.  I am glad that they did rescue the one building (fascinating how they did it).


                        Why did they save the outhouse?  Practical purposes? ("we're really going to need this?")

                        Everyone's gotta running blog; I'm the only one with a POOL-RUNNING blog.


                        And...if you want a running Instagram where all the pictures are of cats, I've got you covered.


                        pie man

                          It’ a ‘historic’ structure—anything over 50 years gets consideration.   But its location close to the 1860s cabin probably helped, they were there and had the people and materials to wrap it.  I’m not sure they would have made a special effort to save that.

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                            PJ: I keep forgetting - I got to see the WA state PCT movie with Christof Teuscher recently.  The funny thing about that movie (aside from the actually funny stuff in it) is that he's trying to set an FKT and yet he takes the time to place his camera, backtrack, and then run past to get footage for his movie.  There are some other good movies in the filmfest this year too.  Thinking about you, your forest, and all the affected folks, critters, and flora.


                            I'm assuming the best thing I can do now to get ready for my race is to sit at the computer, trolling aimless through all the usual places.


                              Shout out to PJ. This must be incredibly difficult -- and to all you Californians.

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                              pie man

                                Good luck max. I suppose the storm didn’t hit that part of VA so much?


                                I didnt even even think about the extra time to film.  All the films were pretty great.


                                edit:  I’m looking at maybe Redding marathon in January.  I haven’t been running as much but I’ve lost weight so I think that balances out.  And Redding has a bit of a net downhill course so clearly that’s worth a few minutes, right?  Right?

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