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    RunningAHEAD has a pair of firewalls in redundant mode such that if the primary firewall malfunctions, the backup firewall will assume the external IP addresses and continue handling the traffic.  At around 3:56 AM EST, I received a notification from the primary firewall saying it's offline and the backup firewall has taken over.  A second another, it sent another notification that it's back online.  Over the course of 5 hours, this happened over 14,000 times.  The handing off of traffic between the two firewalls takes about 10 seconds.  With the primary firewall constantly going off and then online, no traffic was able to get through.


    I was able to get to the firewalls and aside but couldn't determine the cause of the problem.  After rebooting both firewalls at 8:35 AM, the problem stopped and RA came back online.  I have never seen this problem before and I am not sure what would cause it.  There isn't much to go on other than the notifications, which are very terse.  I'm not sure if I could get to the bottom of this.


    If you have Garmin Connect integration enabled, it may take up to 24 hours for Garmin to resend your workouts.


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      My data showed up.

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