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    Hey babe, The snow stopped here mostly. I got your G International package, which I assume is your Garmin. Thought you’d want to know. J Big grin Garmie is home from the hospital !
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      Yay, Garmie! Time for a Garmie homecoming party! Big grin k

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        Welcome home, Garmie. WOOT! Big grin

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          Is this the Garmin on your wrist? Out of curiosity (I already hate myself for asking) ... what's the 305 going for these days? How about the 205? I think its about time I break down and get one. Is it worth waiting for the latest model? It's smaller, right? Cuz it does look like you have a plasma TV on your wrist.
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            There's a couple of good threads on the pro's and con's of the 405. I might wait if I didn't have one but I think the 305 is a better value. Amazon prices are usually about the best: $185 for the 305 $159 for the 205

            I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.



              I got a great deal at Xmas thorough Costco online with a $50 rebate it cost me $150! I love it! I don't leave home wo it...I love it differently than I love my children or husband. MTA: Great news for you Trishie!!!!
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                Is this the Garmin on your wrist? Is it worth waiting for the latest model? It's smaller, right? Cuz it does look like you have a plasma TV on your wrist.
                It is. I think part of that reason is that there is no "men's" and "women's" Garmin ... so it would look a lot less HUGE (that's what she said) on someone who isn't 5'1, 122 lbs.
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                  Congrats! I'd go nuts without mine.

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                    Marnee Garmie says hi!

                      Hooray!! Good for you! Mine is back, as well .... beeping again Smile

                      My sweet new crank!

                        Congrats! When mine was out I had two "naked" (non-gps'd) runs that I really enjoyed...then I wanted it back, glad you are re-united...
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                          I saw blurbs saying the 405 is smaller and more sized to be a watch, but the battery life on 205,305,405 is all 10 hours, I think -- so I don't really understand how you can use it as a regular watch anyway. I looked at the 405, and it looked like it had fewer features (unless you paid extra) and would be harder to read the display. Of course, my sense of aesthetics is, um, challenged, so I'm probably not the target audience.

                          It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.