RunningAHEAD licensed training log to Runner's World (Read 6753 times)

    Congratulations, Eric! How soon before RunningAhead acquires Rodale Press outright? Big grin

    Runners run.

      This would be the time to get RA logo on our chests or hats, etc.. If not, I see RW, because of better name recognition, drawing all new-comer loggers.


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        If not, I see RW, because of better name recognition, drawing all new-comer loggers.
        Which, in the end, might be just as good for Eric and better for us. And anyway all the cool people would still be here.

        Runners run.


          Which, in the end, might be just as good for Eric and better for us. And anyway all the cool people would still be here.
          yup....we don't need anymore people...we need to keep this place a secret... Evil grin big phat congrats Eric!!!
            The fact they wanted to use your log is one serious, and well deserved, compliment.
            Well said, Neil. Congrats, Eric! Big grin

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              I kibitz at RW but keep my log here, and will continue doing so. Good for you Eric! Hope it's a win/win deal for both!

                Great news, Eric! I hope this results in the recognition you deserve, and the remuneration you deserve! I am a regular at but I'll be keeping my runningahead log, no question!
                  now I know what the log would look like with ads.. Feels cramped
                    i don't think you sold anyone out or anything (so don't feel like you need to justify yourself or your decision or anything, ever!)
                    Thank you everyone for your kind words, particularly littlem. Being a Montessori teacher, you definitely have a way with words to calm and sooth. This site is my baby. I poured all my free time into it. Having no life definitely helps in this regard. It;s kind of like watching your child grow up. She is independent and out to make a difference in the world on her own. I'm happy to read all the positive feedbacks at RW, especially knowing that the current RA users recognize nothing has changed. I know that I don't have to justify my decisions, but I want to have a different kind of site. Oftentimes, companies make decisions without considering how the customers will be impacted. As I said many times before, the users of this site is the most valuable asset. I may have a decent training log, but it's useless without you. I've alwaysl placed your interest before everything else. It probably won't make me rich but it stopped being just about me a long time ago. You entrusted your data with me, and I feel that you have the right to know what's going on. If all new members flocked to RW, it'll just mean that my attention won't be diluted any further, that I can provide a better service to all the current users. I will continue to work on new features. Pretty soon, you can go over to RW and show off the new GPS upload program, something that they can only lust after. Big grin


                      Eric...congratulations...and does this mean that you are big and famous and won't come to Alaska for a salmon barbecue? Because even if you are big and famous, I will still drive you to the start line sherry
                      Run like you are on fire! 5K goal 24:00 or less (PR 24:34) 10K goal 50:00 or less (PR 52:45) HM goal 1:55:00 or less (PR 2:03:02) Marathon Goal...Less than my PR (PR 4:33:23)
                        no problem! thanks for all you do!
                          Eric, As a new member here, I've already fallen in love with your site. I can tell you that I will definitely be recommending your site over RW to the other guys in my station and department. Keep up the great work and thanks for your recent encouraging email. Nate
                            Congrats Eric! I think I speak for everyone that we're all very happy for you and immensely proud to be part of this community! Rawk on!
                   - what's he running from?

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                              Well done Eric, you must feel very proud. Blimey, I even feel proud and it's nothing to do with me!!! I guess it's a bit like watching a great band in the making...although I didn't see Pearl Jam as spotty teanagers in their varioius bands I did have the privalage of catching one of their first trips to the UK, with a croud of six hundred.. being at the beginning of their rise gives you a sense of being on the journey with them and you will always have a soft spot for them... Anyway, enough of this you don't need it now, gimme back the 10 dollars I sent you yesterday before you announced this Smile I AM JOKING... Congratulations from France,

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                                Good for you. I am always so impressed/inspired when I hear about someone that makes something out of nothing and then takes it big time. Rodale/RW might be big now, but they too started out as something small, probably with many of the same ideals and aspirations as RA - a community for runners, by runners. Now, take some of that royalty cheque and buy yourself a nice bottle of Dom Perignon or Bollinger Grande Année to celebrate. You deserve it!