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    Have you considered a SpiBelt?  You really can fit more things in them than you think.

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      I was debating between the BOB Revolution and the BabyJogger SummitXC, however I went with a Chariot Cougar because my neighbor was selling one with all the bells and whistles at a nice discount. I don't regret my decision at all. I started running with my son at 10 weeks- I used the infant sling attachment and bought an aftermarket head support thing at walmart. I would also add extra support to his neck by rolling up a burprag and putting it behind his neck. Starting running with him so young got him used to it and made it a routine thing and now he loves it. In the wintertime I would snug him up inside a JJCole Bundleme, if it was extra cold I'd put a hot water bottle under his feet. Kiddo is now 2 and asks me to go for runs at 5:30 am.


      The things I love about the Chariot and why I would choose it over a BOB or Babyjogger again-

      Built in weather screen- don't have to shell out $70 for a rain shield.

      Enclosed design keeps kids from throwing their crap out of the stroller during your run and eliminates stops to retrieve discarded items.

      Multi-sport compatibility-  I have a bike trailer attachment as well as the jogging attachments. Strolling wheels, hiking, and XC skiing attachments are available as well.

      Huge, easily accessible cargo pockets makes the stroller a rolling aid-station. Plenty of room to keep toys/books in the weatherproof pockets as well


      That being said, I don't travel with the chariot, ever, because its huge. You have to pop all the wheels off and remove the front axle to collapse it down where it will fit in your trunk. That's ok, because I have a $40 umbrella stroller or Ergo carrier that works great when we are out and about or traveling.

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          Okay, This could or could not fall under the "gear" forum but i'm putting it in here because I have an additional question. Question #1: I've narrowed down my desired running stroller to either the BOB Ironman or a Baby Jogger Performance. Both have great reviews. The Baby Jogger seems to get slightly better reviews as a running stroller due to its 20" wheels, but the downside is that its less compact for travelling. The BOB also has great reviews but is praised for its compactness... it only has 16" wheels. Anyone here who has, or has used a running stroller, did you ever get your choices down to either of these two? And why did you pick the stroller you did? Compactness of the stroller isn't a major factor for me b/c I'm not planning (at the moment at least) on having to transport it around. Question #2: How early can I start running with the little gaffer - If I have the car seat adapter? Without the car seat adapter? ... even if it is possible to run is it ADVISABLE to run (at least until a certain age) in your experience? Thanks for the input everyone! I've browsed around many other internet review stuff, but lots of the people who are using joggers probably aren't running at the same caliber as the people on this site. I'm looking to use this stroller daily, mostly on paved pathways. Expecting to spend a lot of time with it!

          MTA  Sorry, didn't see this was so old until I already commented.

          I had the Jogger the first time, with the 20" wheels. It is smoother and a big "bigger" when the kids get bigger.  I loved it but when I looked again (9 year gap), it was more expensive than the Ironman and I got the Ironman.  It is a bit "heavier" feeling to push but it works very well and you wouldn't miss it, AND it is nice to be able to put it in the trunk of the car easily to go run on greenways.  I am happy with the Ironman this time.  

          With the infant adapter, you can begin riding on smooth roads/ greenways immediately.  At least, I could. My babies were both pretty sturdy at birth, holding their head up right away - 9 lb babies.... if yours is premature, maybe not.   I wouldn't run on broken and bumpy not maintained sidewalk even with the car seat in there.   However, my first one I could push the stroller to run as soon as I was cleared to run at 4.5 weeks post c-section... after second, my abs couldn't handle it, it hurt too much so it was only walk or husband pushing it. 

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