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    Hi There


    I'm running my first marathon at London 2018.  I'm concerned that i'm behind schedule having only ran upto 14 miles due to a couple of injuries etc.  I'm now injury free and had full intention to run 16 miles this weekend however due to the snow only managed 10 miles!!!


    I'm quickly running out of weekends to put in long runs therefore do i pull out of the Reading Half Marathon on the 18th March and use that weekend as an opportunity to do 17/18 or should i continue with the HALF MARATHON?


    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


    Many thanks

      Why not run the half and then run another 4/5 miles?

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        Run the half as that will be a long run for you and give you an idea of what time to shoot for at London. There’s still over 6 weeks left so I’d suggest adding extra miles onto your midweek runs as overall mileage is key for the marathon.

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