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On the road again...



    Thanks for your concern! ;o)  But actually VO2Max is DESIGNED to do just that.  ANY experienced runner, like yourself who can run a sub-3 marathon should NOT even attempt our VO2Max Interview.  I thought there was a disclaimer comment somewhere and, if not, we do need to add it.  Our VO2Max Interview is provided for THOSE WHO HAD NEVER RUN A RACE AND HAD NO IDEA WHERE THEY ARE to get the ball-park figure of where they start IN RUNNING.  Here we are talking about some one who can't even run 15-minutes non-stop.  If you can run for a half an hour without any problem, at least I personally always encourage them to just get out to a local high school track and run 4 laps and get a mile time and use it.  VO2Max Interview is for those who can't even do that--or those whom I would not suggest to do that.....


    There is.


    "If you have never ran a race, take the VO2Max interview to estimate your VO2Max."


    It's right there on the first page you see after you click "Race Time Predictor" on the home page.

    I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.