just wanted to say hi (Read 1314 times)

    Welcome Bopper, sounds like you are doing great. Low and slow is the way to go, your body will let you know how much you can push it.


      I'm about the same age as you are, and coming (again) back to running after falling from the bandwagon in early spring (too much work in the garden....)

      I'm slow too... and that doesn't bother me anymore... 

      I'm running at a low HR, and I still see progression...


      I've heard about chi running too, but at this moment I try to make the transition to barefoot running, and that means that I'm running exclusively barefoot now, and only very short distances....

      Running in Belgium




        Welcome, and don't ever worry about coming in last. You still finished ahead of everyone who didn't run.


        Also, as you lose weight you'll speed up. Just keep it going.