5K / 10K Race Director - National Race Mgmt Company (Read 85 times)


    This is amazing job offer by "Race Operations, LLC is posted locally here on our podunk nowheres-ville, small-town Washington Craigslist web site, so it's got to be totally legit, right? We do usually get up to 50, 75 people at our couple of local annual 5k races, and we even have a locally organized half-marathon race once a year, that's how big this running market is. I can see how this national corporation would want to move in and hire a local professional race organizer/director and take over the market.


    I do find it a bit odd that I'e never heard of the local races they mention; the "National Veterans Day Run™" or the "Commitment Day™" race. . . 

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      Although a quick Google search was unsuccessful, the flawless spelling has me convinced.  I was also glad to find out that  5K and 10Ks in this case are  "running races".  Perfect.

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