Best gum to chew...or anyone know of a gum that's partially nutritious? (Read 910 times)

    All - My dream gum is a gum that releases a gel or gu...but haven't found it yet. That said, I like to chew gum while I run.... any suggestions for a gum that'll last 1-2 hours? lisa k
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      Lisa, I don't know of any gums that release a gel or Gu, but have you tried Cliff Shots? It's a gel in the form of a gummy cube. It's no gum, and definitely can't stand up to the rigors of chewing for more than a minute or so. eric Smile
        Tight lipped Gum is a derivative of rubber just like the tires on your car. Not to sure how they could make rubber nutritious. Chewing gum is just rubber.
          jelly belly came out with sports beans - they sound sooo good (i know it's not gum) they don't ship to Canada Angry But they do ship to the US. Next time I cross the border I am picking up some. Check out the site...http://jellybelly.com/Cultures/en-US/OurCandy/SportBeans/10-5-05SportBeansOurCandy.htm they have a comparision chart. Big grin