What is your favorite beer? (Read 3172 times)

    Bells Two Hearted Ale


    +1 ....yummo!

    Ostrich runner

      It will change with the day, but right now I'd say Great Divide's Yeti in all its incarnations.


        Youngs Double Chocoate Stout on a nice chilly day.  Yumm!

        Michele in NC



          A lot of times it just depends on my mood but I am always down for a Sierra Nevada Torpdeo


            The ones made with barley malt and hops. 

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                  Good old bud light, not so much for tase, just for the memories!


                    Ichthyosaur IPA (aka "icky") from Great Basin Brewery in Sparks, Nevada.

                    Sit on a potato pan, Otis.

                      Ichthyosaur IPA (aka "icky") from Great Basin Brewery in Sparks, Nevada.

                      You, know I have heard so much about that beer, but when I lived in Reno I wasn't into IPA. Now I wish I could try it. Maybe next time I head out there I will stop by.


                        I've been picking up a lot of Lucky Bucket Lager lately, though I prefer their IPA.

                        12 Monkeys

                          Okay, I am currently drinking a DFH Chicory Stout.  At the moment, this is my favorite beer.

                            It's too hard to commit to just one beer...but with a gun to my head, I would probably choose Guinness.


                              The Shiner family of beers is my favorite... If I had to choose one for the long haul it would be Shiner Bock but the Blonde is absolutely great on a hot day. 


                              Flying Dog Tire Bite is a close second

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                                Tough call... I'd love to claim one of my own brews, but my friend just made a maple oatmeal stout which is quite amazing.  St. Botolph's Town from Pretty Things was remarkable as well, but I've only had it once, so doesn't quite qualify for a favorite just yet.  More research is pending.

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