How to pick up running chicks? (Read 894 times)

    +1. Hi Harriet! What's a nice girl like you doing in a thread like this? Would you ever date a running goon?


    Well, the goon part is off-putting. I guess it would depend on where and how often he were able and willing to carry me around after picking me up. Sometimes I do wish to be carried places, as walking is such a drag.


      Sounds like a troll.





        LOL!  I was hoping someone would post a picture of a running chick.  Adorable!


        running chick


        OP, in case you're not trolling, I don't have any experience picking up chicks (I think "women"/"girls" are okay terms.  I like "gals", too.  "Skirts" is also frowned upon) but as one I can tell you I probably wouldn't talk to some random guy that approached me on a run.  I'd be too busy trying to figure out if he's an axe murderer or not.  I have talked to guys after a race, though, and usually all it takes is something like, "How'd your race go?".  Don't say, "Are you the girl I outkicked at the end?"  Chicks hate that.  Still, I think you'd be better off joining a running group of some type so that you can actually get to know the gal and figure out whether the two of you are even compatible and she can scope you out a few times and assess whether you're an axe murderer or not.


        Now, can we have more pictures of chicks running, please?

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        My blog is JT Running DC.  It's awesome.

          I think runner LADIES like it the best when you sprint past them and show them how fast you really are. lol

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            I coached boys CC for one season and then picked up the CC coach for the girls team.  Now were married.  Try that angle.

            old woman w/hobby

              I coached boys CC for one season and then picked up the CC coach for the girls team.  Now were married.  Try that angle.

              Aww.  This made me smile.



              Just run.




                I don't think this word means what you think it means (helps to say it in a Spanish accent)

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                  They like to be called "dames."


                  or "broads."

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                    So, do you guys have any tips?


                    Tip #1


                    Don't be unattractive.

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                      Hi there, I am a 26 yo runner who is looking for ways to actually meet a nice girl who I can date and run with.


                      So, do you guys have any tips?


                      This is hard for me, I have never had a relationship with a girl before.

                      Sorry .. but what exactly is hard for you?

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                        Talking to dames.


                        Picking up chicks.


                        You know, treating women like people.


                        (Really, I think this is a troll.  I'm more concerned that it's not.)

                        Sorry .. but what exactly is hard for you?

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                          or "broads."


                          It's 2013. I'd recommend 'bitches'. And uncountable number of rap artists can't be wrong.

                            Dress sharp, my man. Ladies love a blue blazer and a nice pair of cutoffs.

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                              Sorry .. but what exactly is hard for you?


                              There's a "that's what he/she said" joke here...

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                                So, do you guys have any tips?



                                It's all about the pick up line.  Just make it running related.


                                Riffing on SubDood's greeting to rhr:  "What's a nice girl like you doing in a race like this?"


                                "I'm calling the police because you're running away with my heart."


                                "Who needs a monitor? One glance at you and I've reached HRmax."


                                Or this variation on a classic: "Your pace or mine?"

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