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    Hi everybody, As a newbie runner trying to lose some weight i'd like to see what what kind of running/cross-training/weight-training weekly routines that everybody is on. I'm currently doing Tue-Wed-Thur,Sat (Easy/Tempo Run), Sun (long) and now starting some swimming on Wed,Fri,Sat (800-1000 meters easy) and plan to do long swim runs on monday. I'm trying to fit in some weight training as well but just couldn't quite come up with the best scenario. I know that i'm suppose to have one or two rest days but on those days i feel really restless and ended up eating a lot. And then to complicate things when swells are in I have to fit in surfing as well. Big grin Aloha, StEve
      Hi and welcome. I´m not that overweight but I would like to get rid of the love handles, probably 5kg. I try to run every day, but I am getting back into it so I am carefull not to get too sore since that will force me to rest days. Rather shorter everyday than longer every other day. But this is only in order to lose the fat. Later I will probably start to train for another marathon and then I will have to do longer runs maxing out at maybe 25 miles - 40km - and I will probably take a rest day after a run like that. I try to weight train a bit - but I am very inexperienced at weights so it is not very consistent yet - and I play squash 1 or 2 times per week. And I usually have a dip in the pool in the afternoon when I come home from work - that is not a workout though - just chatting with the neighbours and my wife and playing with my daughter. And I try to have a quite small evening meal / dinner in order to lose the fat. And I believe this works for me.
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        I've got 10-15 of the most stubborn pounds known to Man (or, in my case, woman) that simply refuse to budge. Right now I am about up to 20 miles/week spread between 4 runs, but gradually increasing mileage and days run this Fall (up to 5 days/week). No real cross training at the moment, though this Winter I will likely exchange a day of running and a few miles for some weight work, since our MI winters aren't always conducive to running, anyhow. I have heard that 20-25 miles/week is generally when people start to find weight starts to come off a bit easier, so my fingers are crossed. k

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