Good running singlet for under $40 USD? (Read 96 times)


    Hey guys;

    I'm shopping at Amazon, and trying to pick some decent men's singlets for summer running.

    It seems that no matter which brand/style I choose on Amazon, there are good reviews and bad reviews. While I realize that 'one style does not fit all', I'm looking for something that will keep me cool, wash well (I wash my gear by hand), last a few years, and not cost more than about $40 USD.


    Your suggestions will be appreciated.



      running warehouse has a very good selection of singlets, some on sale for under $20. For hot weather, look at the Rabbit perforated singlets.

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        Thanks. The 'Hulk' tank is on sale. Is there any significant difference between that one and the 'Welcome to the Gun Show' singlet? One uses the term 'perforated', while the other uses 'mesh'. To me, they're the same thing. I do see that the one is 100% poly, while the other is 95% poly, 5% Spandex. I suppose the Spandex would provide a better fit, but most of my old singlets are just poly.

        How do the sizes run for the Rabbit singlets?

        I normally wear large because I enjoy a loose fit, but if the sizes are running significantly larger, I would probably opt for a medium.


          I would offer an advice - order two or three different kinds of singlets you are asking about, try them and send back any you do not like. They have 90 days free return policy that works like a charm. Also, every singlet has a sizing chart, so you can decide what size is good for you. The singlets on sale have one caveat - they don't have all the sizes - for example, most singlets on sale have sizes S and XL only or sometimes only one size - so, the "sale" is for a good reason 

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            I don't know about the Rabbit fit. I'm in a weird place between M and L; some brands fit me better as an L, others as M. And some companies like Nike vary in fit widely depending on the model.


            I have to try everything on.


            Maybe the Rabbit website has more info? Or websearch for an independent review.

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              i'll second the recommendation for running warehouse.  they run sales and have a pretty good clearance rack.  the free 2 day shipping is nice too.  
              my local running stores aren't so budget friendly.

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                So, I think I'm going to get one of the Rabbit 'Men's The Hulk Tank', and one Men's B.O.A. Hypersoft Singlet, both of which are at reduced price on RW.

                I am going to get size L rather than M (which should fit me fine) because I like the loose fit, and I have been buying L for many years now, in spite of my 'M' frame.


                I am also ordering a few singlets from Amazon. One is New Balance, the others are Ogeenier, and TLRun, both of which got good reviews on Amazon. These are all inexpensive, so I figured I would try them out.

                So, if all 5 shirts I am ordering fit me and feel OK, I will have enough singlets to get me through this summer, and hopefully a few more.


                One reason I chose the Rabbit and B.O.A. from RW is that both those brands are made here in the U.S.A. I doubt any of the ones I ordered from Amazon are made locally.

                  Something to consider for training runs in the summer is a thin performance fabric longsleeve.


                  To avoid sunburn.


                  A light colored loose one is almost as cool as a t-shirt, and no messy sunscreen everywhere. I started out a 12hr race last summer with one in the morning and ended up wearing it all day, 50-80 degrees.

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                    I suppose a light colored loose fitting LS might work where the humidity isn't too high, but here in NJ, I somehow don't think it would be very comfortable. That said, neither is the sunscreen.

                      Fusion is a great brand from Denmark, so not sure how many US retailers sell it. I have tried several brands, and Fusion is my favorite, for singlets, t-shirts and shorts. Just bought one of their jackets, but havent tried it yet.

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                        YMMV, of course, but I've not really noticed any difference in performance among technical/Coolmax-like singlets (assuming they fit you well).  When it's hot/sunny, no singlet is going to make much of a difference in keeping you cooler or making you sweat less.  Everyone's budget's different, of course, but I wouldn't pay much more than $20 for a singlet, which means choosing from sale items; I'd rather take the savings and put it toward buying better shorts or shoes.

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                          I decided to go with the Rabbit 'Hulk' singlet. I purchased two in size L, despite my being well within the M range. I prefer a loose fitting top, which is so much easier to remove when it's wet.

                          So far I really like these. I got them from RW on special for $35 each.