Almost as cool as running (Read 642 times)

    But not  quite.




    Out on my run yesterday I got passed twice by one. The rider looked at me smuggly as he flew by. Looks pretty cool. Maybe if certain injuries prevent one from running, this could be a substitute.


    Pricey though.





      I don't get why people sometimes vilify bicycles because of discomfort issues. I think these people might not know what they are talking about, or they just need to ride more often.

      Break on through

        Take the treadmill bike...   Please!



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        Princess Cancer Pants

          Ha, I had fun passing one of those on my bike, last Summer...woman looked kinda nuts.

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          Queen of 3rd Place

            There's quite a few of those around here. My problem with ellipticals is my feet go to sleep! Stick to the bike, it's way cooler than one of those things. Smile

            Ex runner

              Passed one on RAGBRAI a couple years ago. Don't know if it was an early production model or a prototype. I don't see it as any more uncool than a recumbent, but I don't see how they were "riding" 50-80 miles each day on it.  I guess the rider/runner/ellipter was just a lot tougher than me.  (Though, I guess that's not saying much.)

                I saw a tall guy riding one of these once. He looked like a giraffe.

                  Take the treadmill bike...   Please!




                  "while protecting your feet from dirt and other contaminants commonly found on the earth's surface"


                  Wow, dirt is now considered a contaminant, something you need to be protected from.  Isn't that why we wear shoes?

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