If you could put up to 3 Bumper Stickers on your Car, what would they be? (Read 410 times)


     You still have MySpace...wow.


    No.  I did in 2006 when Borat and FSM were each a thing.  That's kinda my point.

    Princess Cancer Pants


      No.  I did in 2006 when Borat and FSM were each a thing.  That's kinda my point.


      Might want to go check your verb tense, there, Sparky.

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        Those stickers are just as in-your-face as any other religious or social sticker.  You're implying that others don't want to coexist or that others' beliefs don't allow coexistence.  The only reason to have one is to say "my religion is right and yours is wrong".


        It doesn't imply that at all.  It just says we should all just work and play well together...what we are all taught way back in kindergarten.  It's a reminder for all of us, irregardless of our religion, or belief system.


        We all have our moods, and frustrations etc...and at times can put such things in the back of our mind...and focus on just ourselves and not how our words and actions affect others.


        ...again, it's just a reimnder for all of us, that no one person or religion, or nationality or whatever, is all there is.  There are other people and we all need to be considerate of them not just ourselves and our own beliefs.  We are all in this together...


        (No, I don't have either the 'Coexist' or the 'Equality' bumpersticker on my car.  I have no bumper sticker on my car.)

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          sticker 1 = 13.1

          sticker 2 = 26.2

          sticker 3 = " I would rather be running!"

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          Solo O Marathon 06/02/13  3:52:10

          Operation Jack Marathon 12/26/13 3:40.34