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    I am looking to get a GPS running watch on the lower end of the price scale and am currently between the TomTom Runner and the Nike+ Sports watch.  Was looking to see if anyone owned either of these watches and could offer some feedback of them, both positive and negative.



      Any reason not to consider the Garmin Forerunner 10?

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        No not really, just unfamiliar with it.


        Would you recommend that over the other two?  What about the Forerunner 110


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          No direct experience with either, but I can tell you I prefer our TomTom auto GPS to our Garmin one, and I have a friend who had trouble with the Nike watch (or maybe just the associated app).


          That said, I have two Garmin running watches, including the Forerunner 10, and I love them.  So, +1 to joescott's post.

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            disclaimer:  I work for Garmin.  And really, I was just hoping you would consider looking at the Forerunner 10 among the other two products you were considering.  But I am also just a runner, like you, and have been so a lot longer than I've been with my current employer, and since you asked....  It's been too long since I ran with the Nike watch to remember in detail all I thought about it, but I can tell you I prefer the Forerunner 10 to the Nike watch.  I also prefer it to the TT Runner, as well, for a few reasons, although I would concede that there are some nice things about the TT watch.  Fundamentally, however, consider this specific example:  When the TomTom watch pops up a lap alert (either autolap or manual lap) all it gives you is the Lap Number.  No lap split or cumulative run time at the lap point or even lap distance or *anything* useful at all.  Timex watches have at least been giving you the lap time or cumulative lap time whenever the lap button is pressed for, oh, I don't know, about a hundred years now.  I told a friend of mine that this seems almost like a dead giveaway that there must have been no actual runners at all involved in the design of the TT Runner.  And there are at least a few other little quirky things about the TT Runner that I greatly dislike personally as a runner.  But, consider the source.


            No direct experience with either, but I can tell you I prefer our TomTom auto GPS to our Garmin one....


            Ha, Mab.  Not my department.  Wink

            - Joe

            We are fragile creatures on collision with our judgment day.


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              Ha, Mab.  Not my department.  Wink


              Lol!  Well, neither unit has sent me off a cliff or into a lake or anything!  It's mainly various interface peculiarities that I prefer in the TT (though ours is an older unit; these may have been addressed).  I do prefer the update/add-on software for the Garmin, so tell any friends you have in that department, good job there!

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                I believe DC Rainmaker does his usual excellent reviews all the units being discussed here....TomTom, Nike & Garmin. Might be a source of info for the OP.

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                  I use the Nike GPS watch for one reason:  the numbers are very large. My old eyes need this, especially in low light. I tried a different GPS watch but returned it after one run because I couldn't see the numbers.


                  The Nike GPS tells me all I need to know during my run. My daughter has the Forerunner 10 and likes that.


                    I realize this thread it pretty old but I'll add that I've owned 4 or 5 Garmin watches now and have loved them all.  Each has had issues (originally they were like a mini cooper strapped to the wrist and they're still not small) but for what I need they're excellent:  ability to see how far and how fast I've gone or am going, with reliable accuracy.  I'm excited for the new garmins with the pre-loaded GPS location which should make picking up a signal soooo much faster (maybe the tom tom does this now?).  tom tom's lack of a lap time is a definite no for me.  When I'm running and my garmin beeps each mile and I look down and see the pace of that mile, THAT'S what I want from the watch when running.  I don't need it to say "lap 6".


                    Also, the fact that I've had 4 or 5 now should not imply the watches didn't last.  The first one did die but it was after many many years of near daily use and throwing it around when done.  I'm surprised it lasted beyond a year.  I think I lost one, upgraded to a better one just because and I stole my wife's (which I currently use) because it was a newer model than mine and she stopped using it.


                    I'm interested in the Leikr GPS with the color maps, but man that thing is big!


                    ETA:  Garmin loads up to the training here effortlessly.  I don't think Tom Tom does unless you convert the file and upload that, which to me "sounds" like more work than plugging mine in and pressing a button (I think the newer watches are bluetooth or wireless transfer?  That'd be nice).

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                      +1 for Garmin. It is the gold standard.


                        can you upload from the tom tom onto this site?


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                          Garmin without question.  My Garmin 205 is 3+ year old.  I ove it.  I boutght it refurbished and haven't had a bit of trouble with it.  The near models seem even better, but I haven't had the need to buy one...

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                            +1 for Garmin. It is the gold standard.


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