Which rowing machine brand is better? (Read 126 times)

Emily Sanders

    Hi! I'm currently planning to buy a rowing machine. Could you help me to choose a better one? Sunny Health & Fitness vs Stamina vs Concept2. Which of these would you recommend? Looking forward to reading your opinions. Thanks!

      Concept 2 is very durable, I have one for over 15 years and it still works well.

        I’m another concept2 fan!

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          No comparisons to C2. They're expensive but when every penny-pinching school or club program has only C2's, it tells you everything.

          Village people

            I would watch Craig’s list and try to find a C2.

              Bumping this thread to see if there are any more current/updated recommendations?


              My primary interest in rowing is more for the cross-training aspect rather than as a substitute for or part of my running programming.



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                Two years ago I was looking for options to freshen up my cross training. Test drove several and ended up with a Concept2. Very happy with it.


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                  Concept2. Mine is 14 years old, has several million meters on it and is still going strong. I’d look for a second hand one.


                    Still no different. If you plan to use it regularly(2 or more times/week) and you are pretty sure you are going to stick to it then buy the C2 and it'll be the last purchase you need to make. If you're unsure if you're going to stick to it, two suggestions- 1 find a gym that has one and try it a few times. An indoor rowing machine is as fun as an indoor treadmill. Make sure you can do it. 2- buy a less expensive machine and check for the same as previous. If you don't like it after all, you're not out $$$.

                      Still using same Concept 2




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                        The concept 2 is the gold standard (IMO).  But my husband bought himself a Peloton rower and I have to say it's pretty awesome.

                        Bring it on.

                        undue monkey

                          Anyone know what's up with all the cheap, used Concept2s on sites like Etsy? I'm sure it's a scam, but there are a lot of low hour ones available in the $250-$400 range.

                          undue monkey

                            lol, definitely scam. Different sellers using the same sets of photos.

                            Village people

                              lol, definitely scam. Different sellers using the same sets of photos.


                              That might be a scam but there are often used Concept2’s around. Mine is 15 years old and still going strong so used is a good way to go.