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    That's it.  Easy right?  Well then I must work with a lot of stupid people because there is never coffee made when I go to get it.


    Waaaah.  Trying being one of 2 female engineers in a company.  I had to use teeny tiny words to explain why I wasnt going to make the coffee because I didnt drink the coffee. (back then).  Blank stares.  You didnt even have to pour the water in there, the pots were plumbed.  Packets were premeasured.  Press a button.


    Almost everywhere I worked has had free coffee, but not much else. 



      Most companies these days do not provide a reasonable group area for eating.  Furthermore, bringing left-overs to a lunch joint to eat with colleagues is discouraged by fears of the Health Board.



    For the record stadjak - if a restaurant tells you that you cant eat your own food because of "the board of health" they are lying.  They can refuse to allow you to do it so they can try and make you buy their food, but it has jack shit to do with the board of health and in fact is illegal for them to blame it on the health board.  The only thing they can not do is handle your food in any way.  e.g. if you have a birthday party at a restaurant and bring your own cake, they are not allowed to take the cake into the back to cut it or touch the cake in anyway. 


    Anyway, all you have to do these days if a restaurant gives you crap about bringing your own food is mumble something about anaphylactic allergies and they will run away.

    I have become Death, the destroyer of electronic gadgets


    "When I got too tired to run anymore I just pretended I wasnt tired and kept running anyway" - dd, age 7

      Such an impoverished existence.



      It's the future for many of us.  Soon, we won't even have to leave home to work.  Which,  as you can probably guess, someone like me is looking forward to.  But we're way off track now though.


      I think the main point of this thread is that (a) if you're struggling to save money and (b) you're eating out EVERY SINGLE day - you can do something about it - if you're not a lazy slug*.


      *generally speaking, of course.

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        I schedule lunches with colleagues all the time.  They usually buy, I usually bring my own.  Neither of us seems to care how the other gets their food, but we enjoy the time together.

        +1.  My job performance has been greatly enhanced by having lunch with various coworkers.  (And hopefully, the "team" aspect has helped me do things to make their performance better, too!)


        Of course, I've found running with coworkers helps, too. Cool

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          Of course, I've found running with coworkers helps, too. Cool


          Now you're talkin' Smile  I had 3-4 running partners in my last job.  Those guys are the only ones I still stay in close contact with also.  I am not so fortunate in my current job.

          2014 - Get 5k back under 20:00.  Stay healthy!