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    I also just started running with a new partner who is a bit slower and (though I love her dearly) has TERRIBLE form.  I wonder if I mimic her, as I know when I run with my best friend (who is an amazing runner) I hit faster paces and feel better after runs.  Maybe I need to not look at my running partner Smile.


    How often are you running with the slower running partner?  Is it tough for you to run that slowly?  I find that when I run too slowly, it is really easy for my form to get pretty terrible.  When I had a sore IT band, it was noticeably harder on it to run with slower people - I did much better in my natural cadence.

    My wildly inconsistent PRs:

    5k: 24:36 (10/20/12)  

    10k: 52:01 (4/28/12)  

    HM: 1:50:09 (10/27/12)

    Marathon: 4:19:11 (10/2/2011) 


      cmb, Running with her once a week, but on my long runs.

      Today, we just ran at my natural cadence today.  First long run with no pain in four weeks!  10 miles.  I walked to our rendezvous point and walked home afterwards (about a half mile each way).  So excited!  Still nervous that it's a false "heal" but feeling much more confident about it now.

      5K: 23:45 10K: 49:50 Half:? Longest run: 20 miles