What are your thoughts on the elliptical? (Read 3505 times)

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          My gym has basically two types. The one with the adjustable cross ramp and the one with the arm poles. The later resembles running more than the former. What I meant about setting them us correctly was to adjust it however you need to in order to get your heart rate up. My heart rate at 7:30 pace is about 155, but if I jump on an elliptical it won't get much above 130 unless I work a little harder. That was my point. I was using them in place in running and trying to maintain as much fitness as possible while injured. Therefore it was important for me to do workouts in the same HR range.
          Got it. Yes, I crank the resistance up. I find I get the hardest workout on the elliptical compared tp the other machines (though I like rowing too). like you, I avoid the cross-ramp ones - for whatever reason, those seem to irritate my knee. I've no idea what my HR is when I run, though, so I can't compare the two that way.
            Can't believe no one hit this easy set up. What are you thoughts on the eliptical? of boobs.