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    Eric, Thanks for your automated import!! and your log! I have one good thing to say about Cool Running, they did email me my log that I could not access in their old site. Eric, your import worked GREAT!! and it is all there!! THANKS A LOT!! Merry CHRISTmas!!

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      Eric: Does one have to report a log to be imported over from the CR site? Forgive me I'm a bit miscobobulated and have just arrived here from the CR/Active debacle. If it isn't too late, I would love to see my CR log imported. Thanks. Chris
      Hi, Chris. There are instructions for do-it-yourself log importing on the "Home" page here at RunningAHEAD, and several people have posted links to discussions on how to download from CR. If you can't get it sorted out, you can drop Eric a line via the "Feedback" button at the bottom of most pages. It'll probably take a few days because it's Christmas. Hopefully you've got it all figured out by now. Welcome aboard!

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        OH!!! I am SO SO happy! My several year log from CR imported without a hiccup (after several mistries on my Mac, it ran seamlessly on a PC) and I am feeling less rudderless now that I have a working log again. I am thrilled and relieved beyond words and am so excited about the cool new tools. Thank you SO much Eric. Cheers, Aija

          Smile I have not been able to import my CR logs. Any help will be appreciated

            Eric, Your site is wonderful. I like it better then cool running already. I too am one who is looking for help importing. Please let me know what I have to do. Thanks getzen24 Smile
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              Thanks for all you do Eric!! Big grin
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                Big grin Thank you Thank you Thank you. I had NO trouble importing all my CR info and I LOVE it here.