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    Eric: I was able to import my data from CR ok but nothing before Nov 26 (I think) shows up on my graph. why? can I make it show the full year grach somehow? also, when I first log in, it does not remember my password even though I have checked the box saying remember me. thanks Sandijam@yahoo.com
    The summary graph only shows the last month of activities. To show other time periods, click Graph. you can do a weekly or monthly graph with one click from here - or click Advanced Graph for a lot of other graphing choices.

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    this is why I run....

      thanks Bonkin.
        Hello Eric I just thought it would be proper to jump in and say thanks for importing my CoolRunning data. Everything turned out well, I love the logging feature, and I am thrilled to become a member of the RunningAhead community.

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          Eric - Thanks for being so welcoming to all of us from Cool Running. I easily imported my log and have found the features very easy to use. I feel nothing but a huge sense of relief. The Cool Running thing was really challenging and you all have been so welcoming. Happy to be here!
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