3 1/2+ minutes off 10K PR and I didn't wear the water! (Read 909 times)

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    I've heard that, too. I wish I had known that for my first race last year...I ended up inhaling water and choking it...as well as wearing it! Wink k

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      Hey, what's wrong with spilling all over yourself?! Great job, Janell! Nice time!!! Big grin
        Nice Job! Congratulations.

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          Way to go Janell!!

          Now that was a bath...

            Awesome improvement Janell!
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          • Where's my closet? I need to get back in it.

            You'll ruin your knees!

              Wow, you really are a lot faster without all that "water weight" Black eye Actually, it's great to see all the hard work paying off! Woot! Way to go...you rock! Lynn B

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                Wow, you really are a lot faster without all that "water weight" Black eye
                ROFLMAO!!! water weight... Roll eyes Big grin Thanks, all! It's been fun, especially comparing how I did on this race to how I did on the same course but only one lap (a 5K) a year ago. FWIW, last year my 5K on this course was 40:08, at a 12:56 pace. Amazing what a year can do, especially for a slow runner! Big grin I've always said that slower runners have it best because we've go the most room to shave time off our PR's. Wink Tongue

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                  I think we can be expecting a new 5K PR from you soon! (no pressure Big grin)