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    Had a great time in Ogden. Love the course, loved the weather (except at the start--it was freezing and we were delayed starting by about 20 minutes waiting for late buses to arrive). Race starts up in Ogden Canyon, elevation about 5400'. Just glad there was no wind that morning, or the temps would have been even worse. About 15 minutes before race start, I took off my outer layers (jacket and sweatpants) and headed to the starting line. Although then I was even colder, I just figured that we’d start running in few minutes and begin warming up. Wrong. We ended up standing at the start for about 40 minutes waiting for buses to keep arriving. My toes felt as if they were beginning to freeze. After we started, it took a few miles to finally warm and loosen up. This is a beautiful course, and when the sun finally came over the top of the mountains, you would be hard-pressed to ask for a better day running. At any rate, my friend George and I settled into our set pace. George needed to run a 3:45:59 to BQ for 2007, so I told him I would pace us to a 3:40. Actually, while I did tell him I’d set a 3:40 pace, I lied. I actually had us running for a 3:38. So, as we went along, he’d ask from time to time how we were doing. I told him we were fine and on pace. By mile 20, I knew George was going to BQ, so I thought I would see if I could manage any kind of kick for the last 10K. Having run Boston just three weeks earlier, running marathons so close together was new territory for me. But, I was feeling ok, so gave a shot at picking up my pace. It seemed to work, as I felt good (normal marathon soreness, of course) the rest of the way. I finished in 3:31:14, and George came across at 3:37:40—pretty much right on the pace he didn’t know he was running. And, in an unexpected surprise, I finished 3rd in my division (50-54). I won’t post all my splits, but the last six miles were: Mile 20 – 7:50 Mile 21 – 7:43 Mile 22 – 7:45 Mile 23 – 7:33 Mile 24 – 7:55 Mile 25 – 8:05 Mile 26 – 8:05 Last .2 – 8:02 Well, I slowed down at the end. But I am convinced that was more mental than anything as I remember thinking to myself that the park we ran through for about 3 miles towards the end was never going to end, and when I finally hit the city streets, the finish line looked a long ways off. But, I was happy with the race I ran. So, 2 marathons down this year, 4 to go. Next up is Salt Lake City June 3.
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      Liar! Congrats on the AG place! Good job in looking out for your friend...I can only dream of a BQ...for one thing, I'd have to run some road races! Anyway, great job! Lynn B

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        Congrats on another great race! I looked through your marathon records, and you did awesome considering you ran the first 20 miles slower in order to pace your friend. Did the pacing help you with your strong last 10k? I think you'll give Lynn a good run for his money. 6 marathons in a year is incredible! What made you decide to do so many in a year?
          jlynnbob: Well, you run races I'll never run. So come on over to our side and run a few road races. I have no doubt you could BQ. Mile Collector: I'm sure the pacing did help, although I really try and pace to a negative split anyway. I also hope that fact that I have been running more hills the last six months has been of benefit as well. Perhaps those factors, and treating Boston as my last long training run 3 weeks ago instead of trying to "race" it. As for 6 marathons--Utah has six marathons in the state, and they have an event called the Utah Grand Slam. There is a special medal for completing the slam, which is 5 of the 6 marathons in one year. So, five of the slam races + Boston gives me 6 for the year. So, I should end the year with 6 fulls, 2 halfs, 2-3 5k's, and an 8K. Probably just a mid-life crisis, but cheaper than a new car.
          My Masters (>50) Race PR's: 5K - 20:17 10K - 42:36 HM - 1:31:22 Marathon - 3:20:48
            jlynnbob: Probably just a mid-life crisis, but cheaper than a new car.
            LOL! Ain't that the truth!

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