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    new pr set on rolling, 1/2 gravel, 1/2 pavement course.  windy, last 1/3 mile slight uphill with mod. strong headwind.  Was not sure what to expect as have been training for HM in 3 weeks, and with no taper for this 8k.  Just considering it as a tempo run.  Did my LR for week 2 days ago. not fast by standards of many, but hey I'm pushing 55.


    New:  35:37

    Old:    36:59

    Consistently Slow

      Nice job. 7:04 pace that is fast by my standards.

      Run until the trail runs out.

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        Way to go - that is smokin' by my standards!  Must be great to set to a new PR!

        See how they run...

          Awesome job...I hope I can still run at all at 55.
            Thanks everyone!!   Looks like secured 3rd in AG, but winner in AG was 5 minutes ahead of me!!  now that is smoking.

            The King of Beasts

              good work !


              that should put you in a good spot to PR in the Half.

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              On the road again...

                Very nice.

                I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

                  This is great, skyedog.  Chopping off 1 1/2 minutes on a windy is something to be proud of. 


                  Sorry, when is this half marathon?

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                    good work !


                    that should put you in a good spot to PR in the Half.



                    HM will be a PR no matter what since I have never  run one.  ha ha  Have ran some races in past that were abit longer, 14, 15, 16, 26.2  range but no official 13.1.  This will be longest race in over 28 yrs.  Goal is 1:50, but secretly (not so secretly now) would like to beat this "kid" at work who ran 1 :45.   My life will not end if I don't meet goal so if I come out of it having fun & injury free will be happy.  What ? who am I kidding?  Of course want to hit or beat goal. 


                    Nadar:  HM is May 2nd   Ave. of the Giants in N. Calif.    3 weeks from yesterday