Cross training in my marathon training plan, what do you do? (Read 116 times)


    I will be starting to train for my first full marathon using the Hal Higdon Novice 1 training plan on December 29 (I filled in the calendar backwards from the day of the race, May 1).  I'm wondering what types of activities others do on the Cross training days?  I don't really do any cross training at the moment, I just go out and run.  I realize there is a whole forum dedicated to cross training activities, but I'm looking more for what other people have done while marathon training on those days.  I'm not really looking for another activity to get into such as weight lifting.

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      Mostly hiking.  If the weather is bad, I've got a stationary bike, or I'll do a Pilates or yoga tape.


        Yoga or just walking.

          Squats and Lunges.  Planks and bridges.  Pushups and mountain climbers.  balance exercises and stretches (guess that'd be yoga), occassional racquet ball/tennis, or throw a frisbee/play soccer with your/neighbor's kids

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            Swim or bike (I also train for triathlons). I find that although cycling and running both use the legs, different muscle groups are used so cycling can be a nice change. Swimming just feels so good after running; it's aqua therapy.




                Squats and Lunges, mountain climbers. Do you only do mountain climbers, What about rock and ice climbers?

                  A little weights and yoga.....and a lot of easier pace runs with multiple walk breaks.   Like instead of normal running I will go 4 miles at a 2 minutes run and 1 minute walk so I'm still out there getting time on my feet..   I consider that cross training.....


                  Which marathon are you running on May 1st?   I'm running Providence that same day,......

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