It's LibRary! There's an R in there! (Read 694 times)


    And the three stooges.  Soitanly!



    Is ok.  I'm a victim of soycumstance.


    That's right!  I forgot about those goons.  Laurel and Hardy were much more refined.


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      The one that makes me cringe the most (other than libary) is AXE instead of ASK.


      I really just don't get that. Not at all.


        The singular of "criteria" is "criterion".

        I am annoyed by the trend towards adding an extra syllable to present participles, for example "shipping and hand-er-ling", or "cyc-er-ling".


        A North American usage which is accepted  here but still sounds odd to me after 40 years is "for free". The word "free" is short for the phrase "free of charge" so if you buy a muffin and get a cup of coffee it is free (of charge), not "for free".




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          I've said it before, and I'll say it again: it's a mute point to argue about these things. Irregardless of what you say, people will continue to say "supposebly". And don't get me started with explicatives. Foul language is not OK! And if your going to correct someone, be discrete about it. Because in order to avoid doing the same thing twice, we've got to avoid duplicity of effort!



          *duplication (duplicity means "deceit")


          edit: i missed the "mute point". lol. must be some others in there too.

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              That "soitenly" and "joisey" business was reality at one time. Growing up in the 1960s in Brooklyn i would hear people talk like that. Rarely, but you'd hear it, mostly older people. I have not heard anyone talk like that since around that time though. I think Archie Bunker had a trace of that in his accent.


                One of my children didn't quite get the pronunciation of Ketchup.  Instead he said "Ketchow"


                I was sad the day he started saying it the right way.


                I also don't like it when people say cactuses or funguses...  or any "uses"  It's supposed to be an I

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                  1758, genus name of a type of eight-armed cephalopod mollusks, from Gk. oktopous "eight-footed," from okto "eight" + pous "foot."

                  Proper plural is octopodes, though octopuses probably works better in English. Octopi is from mistaken assumption that -us is the L. noun ending that takes -i in plural.





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                    My mother-in-law likes "Mandarian" oranges and "Chipolte" peppers.


                      Ahhhh.  Ok.


                      puh-CAHN, not PEE-can.


                      ha-la-PAY-nyo, not hala-PEE-no.


                      Also, my real name is Roberto.  Ro-BEAR-toe, not Ruh-BRRRRR-toe.


                        You missed *moot. Big grin



                        *duplication (duplicity means "deceit").






                            *duplication (duplicity means "deceit")


                            edit: i missed the "mute point". lol. must be some others in there too.

                            There are two additional ones :-)

                            Good Grief!

                              There are two additional ones :-)

                              Using explicative where expletive is intended

                              "Because in order" is redundant

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                                Using explicative where expletive is intended

                                "Because in order" is redundant


                                "Because in order" would be my error if it's incorrect. The last one is "discrete" vs. "discreet".