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    I certainly hope this is just a "one off" as my half is 8 days away. I felt fine all day, ate proper and even had a few days off from running due to family obligations. I had an hour after work so I thought I'd knock out an easy 6 miles of treadmill work at the gym before heading home....right...


    OMG! Right from the get go I was having trouble maintaining an 8:34 pace for any length of time! I was like...WTF? Last run I did on this damn treadmill I ran an 8:34 like it was nuthin!!!


    Anyone else have bad days for no apparent reason? I sure hope this was a fluke cuz my pace at 40 minutes was only 9:44 and I've been consistently as of late doing long runs in the 8s. 

    Feeling the growl again

      Bad days happen.  It's trends you need to worry about.

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        Yeah, don't sweat it, dude.  It happens.

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          "Anyone else have bad days for no apparent reason?"


          Yes. Expect an avalanche of 'yes' es. And don't psych yourself out.

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            "Anyone else have bad days for no apparent reason?"


            Yes. Expect an avalanche of 'yes' es. And don't psych yourself out.




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              Yes. They happen and a trend is the worry. 


                Look at it this way....you got the bad run out of the way before race day.   Clear sailing from here on out.....

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                  even had a few days off from running


                  Could be this, not that it is anything to worry about.


                    Every now and then it just happens.........I wouldn't sweat it much.....get it out of your system before the race.....


                    You'll be OK

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                      Heh...if I don't have a bad run once in a while, I'd think I wasn't running enough.  Big grin  I had one Tuesday.  The nice thing about a bad run is that you'll usually feel like a champ on your next one. 


                      But, bad runs happen.  Shrug it off and move on.  On the flip side of that, unexpectedly fantastic runs will also happen. 


                      Better I Leave

                        Whew...Very cool. Thanks for the replies folks. It's reassuring to know that it happens. I mean, I've had my days when I didn't really "feel" like running, but this was one of those runs where it was a real effort and it kinda freaked me out. 

                          I always find a treadmill workout is hard because there is no wind and the heat just gets me sweat a lot. Sometimes it is difficult (bad day) especially when I am tired after work.


                          Have a good run in 8 days.

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                            What I find annoying is when I feel great, but run like crap.  On the other hand, feeling like crap and running a PR really pulls you out of a slump.

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                              FWIW, I read somewhere that one common characteristic of the most successful elites is the ability to shake off a bad day and go into the next day's run without psyching themselves out.  That actually really helped me, and I've found lately that unless I over analyze them, bad days tend to not mean much.


                                I find when I train really hard for a race, that I start struggling that last week of hard training before a taper.  It's like my body is reminding me that it needs to start healing up for the race.


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