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    Last week I has asked about an ankle pain, but I came to realize that it wasn't my ankle, but rather the outside of my right shin. It was sore up until Sunday and I went ahead and did a 10-mile run, but once I was done, it was hurting pretty badly. I iced it and took some Ibuprophen. This morning, it is still very sore and slightly swollen. It's hurting so much, I don't expect to be able to run for the next several days and maybe for the rest of the week. It looks like I'll be taking some forced rest. I did some research and shin splints seem to occur on the inside of the shin whereas my pain is on the outside. I don't know if the treadmill running is to blame plus the fact that I didn't let it recover before running 10 miles, or the fact that I got some new shoes a week ago, although the first 10 miles I ran in the new shoe didn't seem to cause any problems. Once I do start to run again, I don't plan to use the new shoes, at least for a while while I try another pair. I can't help wonder if I got some bad advice at the running store that sold me the shoes. I do notice that the shoes they sold me, Saucony Grid Shadow 9s, seem to be stiffer than my previous shoes and when I run I feel more jarring, even though they are supposed to be cushoning shoes. This is compared to the ASICS GEL-1110 I used to use before. I'm starting to think I'm just better off choosing my own shoe.


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      I'm inclined to think it is the treadmill. I have had similar pain on my left leg. It sort of started down near my ankle and has worked its way up to the outside of my left shin, but up just below my knee. It comes and goes and seems to be the worst when I first start running and then is a little tender after I run. In my case I think it's from my very unnatural gait while running on slippery snow and ice last week. It was definitely better when I did my long run on Sat., but hurt afterwards, as I had just done a snowy run on Friday. I'm suspicious that this pain has something to do with a difference between our normal gaits--you running on a treadmill and me on slippery pavement. I didn't sleep well last night, so I ended up not running today. Yesterday was a scheduled off day, too. So I will be interested to see if my own lower leg feels better tomorrow, as the roads are once again clear with our current warmer weather pattern. I would definitely take a few days off, as you are. Perhaps plan your next run to be an easy one, paying attention to any weird twinges. If everything is OK, then you will be able to try the new shoes and see if any problems crop up with that--if not, then I think you will have it narrowed down to the treadmill issue. k

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        The treadmill is always to blame. They're evil, remember? Evil grin Of course, it may be something simpler. If you're always experiencing pain in different areas, you may just be pushing too hard, too soon. You've come a long ways in four/five months (or so) of running. Constant, shifting pain may be your body trying to talk to you. And you've also dropped serious poundage. Maybe consider adding in an extra day of rest, or really slowing the pace a couple days a week, making those runs real recovery runs. Or shorter.
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