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    Hello! I would really like to get into running but I don't know where to start. I look at the beginner guides but they don't seem to meet my needs. I have been playing soccer for most of my life and run a fair amount playing.  I am not use to running distances of over 1.5 miles. The most running I would do was a 1mile warm-up every time I went to the gym at 8.0-9.0mph speed on the treadmill.


    About a month ago I wanted to go on a slower paced longer run just to see where I am at. Now I've started somewhat comfortably running 2.5-3 miles at a time at around 6.4-7.2mph pace on the treadmill.


    Before this turns into a wall of text. If my goal is to build endurance to run around an 18:00 5k what sort of training plan should I follow I feel all the beginning ones are too easy even though I classify myself as a beginner.


    * Final note: I am just a little bit overweight. Only about 5-15 pounds i'd say. I throw this in because once I drop these pounds will my running experience and times improve as well?


    Thanks in advance for all replies. 

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      Why 18 minutes for the 5K?


      What you might want to do is go find a 5K and do a race. See where you are now.

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        Getting a benchmark would be good. And especially because you're just beginning, it'll be satisfying because for a little while you'll crush your previous PR each time out. Sub 18 in your situation is gonna have something to do with natural ability, but I'd recommend just trying to build up easy mileage. If you really want it you'll get there eventually, but you don't want to get hurt on the way there. Don't worry about complex training schedules. Run mostly easy, a little harder when you feel good, occasionally jumping into a 5k to see where you're at, and slowly(!) build your mileage to around 5 days/40 miles a week with one longer run. By then you might benefit from changing your training a little, but until then slowly building a base is the best thing you can do and may get you close to your goal all on its own. I'm 10 'overweight' and almost 20 above racing weight and in a similar situation last year I still managed to crack 18.

          Yes.  Run first.  Set your goals later.

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            How old are you sincara?

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              18 years old.


                The best way to gain speed is to run more miles.  Start at three days a week, then gradually increase to four or five, depending on your schedule. Do not increase your distance too quickly or you may get injured.  There's a reason so many people speak of the 10% rule.  Do most of your runs slowly - at a conversational pace.  Once a week or so, do a faster workout or include strides or fartleks.

                  You're 18 and in good physical shape, I understand you not wanting to start too slow. I believe that to get better at running you need to run. The more you run, the better you'll get. It's hard to just throw numbers as it always depends on how you react to training, but my guess is that you could handle 4 running days a week, 2 of these being harder runs ( maybe one in which you run longer than usual and the other in which you run faster), and the two others easier runs. And it is good to alternate hard-easy-hard-easy. Total volume for the week at around  20 miles? I'm just throwing numbers here, but you wanted a harder schedule than what most starter guides will give you. This is one Smile

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