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Philly Curse

    Im training for philly marathon..and other than just easy tempo and long runs...aree there any type of workouts I should be doing. Also if I'm cycling at all..what should i do for that?
      The answer is: it depends. Big grin What are your goals for the marathon?
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      Philly Curse

        I would like to finish around 3:45...as close to 3:30 as possible

        Along for the Ride

          It also depends on how long you've been running and how many races you've completed (times?). I started running with the goal of running a marathon. My very good and experienced friend convinced me that a) for the first marathon a 'just want to finish' goal might be good and b) to run other races! Looking back, I definetely had some left over at the end of the marathon, but I wanted to run conservatively to not fizzle in the middle. Now that I've explored the 26.2 distance and know what to expect, I can get ready to race a marathon. I've also become a more experienced and efficient runner over time. As for the races before the big 26.2 - I did a 5k, 10k and Half Marathon. My Half Marathon PR still stands 4 HM's later Big grin.

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          CPT Curmudgeon

            I ran Baltimore last year, with just under 3:30 (my goal). I followed Higdon's Intermediate II Marathon plan. I never did much more other than a few races, and ran the distances prescribed. I barely did tempo runs or anything like that. For what you're looking at, you probably don't need to get fancy.