Sneakers or Running Shoes (Read 164 times)

Ice Cream

    I do not care.  I call them sneakers myself.

    will run for popsicles

      as one who hasn't worn anything but running shoes for many years (yes, i picked a career that didn't require work attire), I just call them "shoes." But around the smith/sheppo household (and we're both runners), we often say "have you seen my tennies?" as shorthand. so beats me.

      Side note: remember when racing shoes were "flats"? And then Altra training shoes became even flatter. Running is complicated.

      side note 2: I am a disciple of George Sheehan, and in Running & Being he uses jogger and runner in the same context throughout the book. So I am OK with being called a jogger in sneakers. Still better than being called a steeplechaser.

      running metalhead

        I call "sneakers" shoes with a sport design but meant for casual use. The "converse" types I call "canvas", but many people do call them sneakers too. 

        I don't feel offended: I have run in canvases during military service and once last year I did a 10km training... and they felt awesome, as floating... I just don't use them more because the sole wears out quite quickly and I want them for street use.

        And I wouldn't mind using some of the newer "sneakers" for running, specially the ones inspired in old school sport shoes. What stops me from doing is is that the damn things are priced higher than the "real" running shoes.


        If running has taught me something is that shoes are secondary:  As long a they have a sole that's not too big and they are flexible enough it's OK. Of course, if you train your whole live with a determined type of shoes (or without them for that matter) it will influence your preferences, there are no better or worse shoes, the best ones are the ones that you are used to run with.  I even know people that run on El-Cheapo shoes... and I myself are tempted by a pair if Nike Free imitations priced at 25 Euro-Bucks... mate, I normally run in MT10s, that's a glove with a thin piece of rubber I don't think I'll get foot cancer or something the like.

        When I run I feel like a swallow

        Because you are free like a bird?

        Nope, because of all the flies I eat.


        running metalhead


          However, an equally irrational pet peeve I do have is when people refer to marathons as "marys."  .


          Maybe it's the Doppler effect... you run past them so fast that you can't her the end of the word XD

          When I run I feel like a swallow

          Because you are free like a bird?

          Nope, because of all the flies I eat.




            Right there with you.


            It's like calling a fishing rod a "fishing pole", as an example from another activity.


            Now wait a doggone minute; I take exception to your exception! I grew up fishing with a bamboo fishing POLE. One would never call it a "rod". I've also owned my share of fiberglass fishing "rods" with reelsand every last one of them was a fishing pole to me.


            Sneakers, now that annoys me, but only slightly. But really; no mention of that even MORE annoying term, "kicks"?


              When I hear someone use the term 'sneakers' instead of the state-approved term 'running shoes' I think my annoyance meter needle moves slightly, but it's hard to tell if it's because of the word or the fact I have to actually interact with a non-runner.




              I did get really sick of hearing about Wendy Davis's (of Texas filibuster fame) "pink sneakers". They're running shoes, and they're not pink unless you're colorblind. Watermelon, maybe.


                I got really sick of hearing about Wendy Davis, period.


                OP:  At least you're not in England  ("trainers")