Which Wireless Sports Headphones Should I Buy? (Read 393 times)


    I, as most who replied, tried many different headset and ended up using cheap but very light and very comfortable "iansean Muset1" and "iansean Muset1c". I used Muset1 for more than 8 months and decided to try a new model Muset1c. It  works as well as the older one. I liked them so much that bought them for my daughters. just search Amazon and you'll find them

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      Anyone got any current suggestions?

        I second my earlier post if looking for a lower cost option. I still really like my MPOW Cheetah wireless headset. Fits great, nice sound and only around $30. Can't be beat! If you want a dynamic awesome bass sound, this won't give it to you but it does the job for me on my runs and bike rides.

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          Hands down if they are for running you have to go with the Plantronics Back Beat Fit.  I have demoed pair after pair and have had my reliable Backbeat Fits for 3 years now.  I have even run them through the washer and dryer...not intentionally.  They don't become a plunger in your ear when you sweat and let you hear a car horn.

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              I've been using the Plantronics Backbeat Fit for the last 12 months. They have a very rich sound (for waterproof buds) and have good access to controls: volume, pause/play, pick-up incoming call/hang-up. I got them at Costco, so I've got their no-questions-asked warrantee; however, I haven't had any issue with them. I run outdoors about 40 miles a week, 6 days a week, every week.  I've run in sweltering heat in FL during the summer and in the rain -- no problems so far. The only time I didn't wear them is during my races: half and full marathon -- I just wanted to soak up the experiences.


              I wear a pair of Oakleys when I run and the sidebands ride on top of the Backbeat Fit earbud loops. By "on top of", I mean both the earbud loops and Oakley sidebands are against my head, the Oakley sidebands ride "north of" the earbud loops. I also were a lightweight cap (I think its made by UnderArmour) to keep the sun off my chrome dome. Sometimes when my cap gets heavy with rain or sweat it will slide down a little and begin to touch the top of my Oakley sidebands and make my sunglasses bob up and down. I just need to adjust my cap to make the velcro adjustment a little tighter and everything is OK.


              The battery is tiny, so I recharge it with the supplied micro USB cable after every other run. I think it advertises an 8 hour listen time capacity, but that might be generous. It comes with a carry case that can also be used as an arm-band case for your smart phone. I don't use it when I run, I just tuck my iPhone into the perfectly sized pocket of my favorite running shorts: the Road Runner R-Gear shorts. The pockets are just perfect for a regular sized iPhone -- keeps in snug but still accessible.


              I can heartily recommend the Backbeat Fit, they ride nice, sound great while still allowing you to hear cyclists coming up on your left and seem to last -- 12 months and counting. If you can get them at Costco, then you are worry free.


              8/12/2017 UPDATE: my Backbeat Fit died today -- well not totally died, but they are un-useable. About 2 weeks ago, the button to control play/pause as well as the on/off button on the other earbud started to become unreliable and took multiple pushes. This morning when I powered on my earbuds, the play/pause button went berserk and got stuck in the depressed mode which sends a "skip to the next track" command to my iTunes app. Effectively the earbuds are unusable now. I don't know if I'll take them back to Costco, cuz honestly, I uses them heavily every day for almost 18 months. Don't know if I'll try something new or get another pair of Backbeat Fit.


                As several others have said, the Plantronics Backbeat Fit are great for running.   You put them on, turn them on, and forget about them.  I got mine and liked them so much that I also got a pair for my wife and each of my kids.

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                  Im a huge sound snob and good headphones are very important to me when I run and work out. Ive tested the whole gamut from cheap samsung all the way up to the super expensive ones. My favorite by a long shot has been the jaybird x3s. Here is why I like them more than alll the rest. The main thing that is so impressive is the fit. If you do a ton of road exercise and need to hear the sound of the road dont buy these headphones. There are several reasons why they fit so well. First of all the ear wings are actually curved I know it sounds like a small detail but it helps the fit and comfort way more compared to standard wings. Second is that they are angled to fit in the ear better. I use them with the medium foam tips which works best for me. I do pretty aggressive workouts and ive never once had one fall out or even get jostled out of place. I like listening at higher volume and it does more than I could ask for. Then there is the sound stage which is pretty darn good too. If it has any problem it would be with some of the high range music like black keys or alabama shakes. It can seem a bit tinny at times but anything with base and mids mixed in will sound great. The only downside I could find is that you have to use a proprietary dongle in order to charge the thing. Why why why I have no idea but its there but its not a big deal if you dont lose the dongle. The price is around 130 and Ive had mine for around 8 months with no problem. The price is kind of high but beats the hell out of most everything in my opinion.

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                    I took this advice and have not been disappointed.


                    I paid $32 CAN on Amazon.


                    It it seems like half of the reviews were positive, quarter  were fair and a quarter were quite poor/negative.


                    I've been reluctant to recommend since I have only had them about a month.  But they have treated me well thus far. Fit great in that they don't fall out at all, although they are a bigger than I would like.  But I can't argue given the price and performance to date.


                    I'm careful to put them in a small Tupperware container cushioned with my kid's socks prior to throwing them in my bag.


                    Hope that helps.


                    (I'm no audiophile.)




                    I second my earlier post if looking for a lower cost option. I still really like my MPOW Cheetah wireless headset. Fits great, nice sound and only around $30. Can't be beat! If you want a dynamic awesome bass sound, this won't give it to you but it does the job for me on my runs and bike rides.

                      Good to hear, glad you have had a positive response. I have been very happy with them also for the price and they are pretty durable and come in multiple colors.

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                        Plantronics Backbeat Fit

                          Plantronics Backbeat Fit


                          I bought these and am going to return them.  I've worn them twice and the fit drives me crazy.

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                            I have had great luck with the Skullcandy Method Wireless ones.  They have been surprisingly good for me.  The only drawback has been that they block out ambient sound so much that you really have to pay attention for traffic.

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                              I love my x3's! I picked them up a couple months back and love how secure they feel in my ears while I'm running. I had already been using the original x' s for several years and loved them but the wings would put pressure in my ears and would hurt after a while. Since the new design curves them in a little it doesn't hurt when I wear them any extended periods. I also love their customer service. I had a problem with my first pair and they replaced them immediately. Great company and worth the higher price