Treadmill pace vs Road pace (Read 1931 times)

    Strangest thing... I find that I can run farther without walking on a treadmill, but I still go faster on the road.
    same. has me convinced that the calibration is off on the treadmills @ the free gym i go to.

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      i may be wrong, but i don't think anyone mentioned this may just have been a freak occurence. next time you might fly. everyone has a bad workout now and again, inside or out. this may have just been your day. don't put too much into this one time unless it becomes routine, then maybe consider why you are slower on treadmills. good advice, everyone?
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        same. has me convinced that the calibration is off on the treadmills @ the free gym i go to.
        or perhaps its telling (both of) you that if you slowed down a bit outside you'd be able to go further without walking?
          I am way slower on the treadmill than outside. I can achieve speeds outside that I can sustain for even short periods on the treadmill. And it's not because I'm not used to the treadmill; I run all but my long run on the (damn) thing. My husband has found that the same can be said for him. We both put forth far more effort to run anywhere near race pace on the treadmill. But we also know it could be the quality of our treadmill, or some malfunction that is unique to our machine.
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            Only different to me between tmill and outside is that the tmill is softer. For this reason, I can see why some people find the tmill harder to run is just as if you are running in the sand as oppose to the road.
              During the winter, almost all of my running is done on a treadmill, and I usually get about 5 minutes below the time I can get for the same distance outside (12 minute miles, which outside I run in about 8 flat). I am getting ready for a 5 miler, and inside it took me over an hour while outside I ran the 5 miles in less than 55.... I don't think its calibrated wrong, and I can still hold my pace outside... could it be that omnipresent wall sitting behind me when I'm on the treadmill? Possibly...
                "Because of lack of wind resistance while running on a treadmill, the effort of running on a treadmill at 0% incline is less than that of running on a level road at the same pace. Below is a (link to a) chart that you can use to get approximate equivalent efforts between running on a treadmill at different paces and inclines and running outdoors on a level surface." http://www.hillrunner.com/training/tmillchart.php