Sports Authority replacement plan (Read 5817 times)


    I work at TSA...within the past week, stores in a couple areas have been told not to sell the plans. For those that have the plans, they will still be honored.


    The coverage of the plan isn't technically "normal wear and tear." Any seam rips/tears, fabric discoloration, eyelet tears and sole separation.


    The price of the plan is based on the price of the shoe. <$50=$5 - 50-100=$10 = 100+=$16.


    you get 30 days with the store, then 12 months for the plan, which starts after the 30 days.


    I've only been working there since November and haven't taken advantage of the plan yet, but I will be soon. we'll see how that goes.

      I know this is an old thread, but thought I'd contribute to my (or rather my mom's) experience - She bought a pair of Asics a few months ago.  I have the exact same shoe so I think they were approx $85.  They're not for running - I just wear my at work, she wears them as normal sneaks.  Anyway, she bought the plan which worked out for her b/c her toenails kinda point upwards (gross, I know) and she ALWAYS puts a tear in the top of the shoe through the mesh.  Every shoe, always.  So naturally, when this happened with the Asics after about a month or two, she simply returned them and they gave her new ones.  I dont think she had to do any of the shipping crap though, but I could be wrong.  I  think its a great deal, but I'm still skeptical about it too.      I would love to test it out, but my huge honkin size 11 womens running shoes are rarely kept in stock at TSA.

        I tried to return a pair today in store because that is what I was told I could do when I bought the protection program/warranty a year ago. But today I was told the program had been discontinued and I had to call a number, get an approval, send the shoes back at my expense (up to $20 because I have cleats) and then wait for a check in the mail which I have read that it doesn’t get there sometimes so it’s a crapshoot. As far as I am concerned this is a rippoff and I am not shopping at the Sports Authority ever again, this is where I draw the line, don’t screw with your cutomers or you will lose them and they just lost me.