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    My Garmin 225 is so erratic.  I was going to look at getting scosche plus that goes on your forearm and then pair it with the garmin.  it has good reviews and much more accurate.



      Mine was erratic at start but fine now after I figured it out the last few months. It needs to be fairly tight on the wrist-it will be erratic if not tight.

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        Thought I'd chime in:


        I have a TomTom Spark 2 Cardio Runner (with music).  I already had several pairs of Bluetooth headphones, so I did not get a pair of headphones with the watch.


        Before running with only Spark 2, I ran with both my chest strap based HRM and the TomTom (tried it on both wrists) over a week or so,  To minimize issues with the chest strap monitor, I used the electrode gel that I had been using for a while to provide good electrical contact from the start.  In general, I found the two matched within a beat or two per minute.  I have experienced both high and low readings at the beginning of a run with the Spark 2.  They have been rare, however.  I found that having the watch well tightened and my being warmed up tends to eliminate issues.  The HRM data track each other quite well.


        Again over the course of a run, I have gotten identical results (average HR, peak HR, time in HR zone).  Note: I also have a Mio Link which I believe uses the same technology as the TomTom.  On my phone, I can simultaneously connect with the Mio and my chest strap HRM. I can and have downloaded all of the data as CSV files to compare the readings.


        I have become satisfied that the data is as accurate as a chest strap monitor which is hard to keep on 24/7.

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