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    I never had blisters though.  Did this all happen in one day?  Maybe you did too much at once.


    When I first stepped in to them, I put them in for like a mile, then took them out.  next day, two miles, that sort of tihng.


    It took a few days, but suddenly I didn't notice them anymore.


    But I sure do if I take them out now.  I feel like my arches are getting no support.

    No I don't think it was too much really. I did 3km one day, no blister, 5k the next, blister! So that's like what, 2mi then 3mi.

    That said, I'm finding I'm getting slight arch pain in one foot with my new trainers. Guessing they don't support the arch quite as much as it's my foot with the higher arch that has a slight amount of pain. It's completely bearable and passes after a few hours, I just was wondering :P 

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      I would swear by superfeet, they made a huge difference in my running, have them in all of my footwear now, i saw them with 25% on a website, i forgot where, if i remember i will repost

        Of course, you could go the custom orthotic route, where they actually mold and create them to each foot, but that can get very expensive.  And it's usually not paid for.


        Maybe a trip to a podiatrist might be a good idea. 


        I went to  podiatirst #1 who said my big toe joint need fusing- arthritis. When I went in ready to get that done, podiatrist #2 looked at my feet and said the cause of arthritis was caused by some sort of overpronation problem. He recommended custom orthotics- $300. He is also a runner. I bit the bullet (after agonizing a while over the $) and got the orthotics. Before wearing them I was limping around and having considerable pain running- even worse when walking. I still have some pain, but managable- they made a huge difference. It makes me think that for any runner a preventative trip to a podiatrist, esp. one who runs, might really pay off later- I had no idea my feet weren't designed quite properly- I guess I figured after roughly 6 million years of walking upright, problems would be solved. If I would have gotten custom orthotics years ago, I might be totally pain-free.

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          thanks for the feedback.  I did go to a local running store and picked up a pair of inserts.  Have been using them for the last week or so of runs.  I will say they are helping.  I continue to recover from achilles issues so there is some tenderness there however nothing like before so I'm attributing that to the inserts.  Running a 1/2 on Sun so I guess I shall see!

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            I've noticed that if I go to a specialist or vendor of anything, and ask if they have something to help me with 'X', the answer will always be 'yes'.