Anyone in the US participate in Canicross?? (Read 33 times)


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    My Vizsla just turned a year old and I am looking to do more running with her than just neighborhood runs and runs at the dog park. I have been interested in the sport of Canicross (trail running with dog helping to pull) but most of the events I have researched are in the UK. Does anyone in the US participate in the dog/human team races? I have an official Canicross harness, belt, and bungie leash on my Christmas list for this year. Any other gear needed for 10-25 mile runs?


    Anyone in the US know of any regular Canicross races or somewhere to find them? I am in West Tennessee so something in the South would be preferable. I can easily just go on trail runs and track us with my Garmin but actual races would be a lot more fun.

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