Work is dull and boring today. (Read 494 times)


    Low motivation today, just want to hang out on the internet posting inane questions and reading threads..... Anyone else feel like this?....or is this just the start of a mid life crisis Shocked Irrelevant side comment: Mudded my basement last night...2nd coat with the 8" blade, it's coming out nicer than I thought, and I had no home improvement rage, which is definately a rarity. Yes 3rd coat 2nite!!
      Like that most days Smile No mid life crisis - just normality....
          Who has time to work when there are so many threads to read? I'm in the office for the faster internet connection.
            I have actually instituted a rule at work that I can only check RA forums once every 15 mins. That's how big of a procrastinator I am.

            Call me Ray (not Ishmael)

              I had no home improvement rage, which is definately a rarity.
              Why does my wife not understand that this is normal for every man? She gets so upset, like I'm pissed at her, when in reality it's just my way of saying: "Wow. I really should have my man-card revoked, because I'm completely useless when it comes to this stuff."
                I can't post from work, just lurk. My company blocks quite a bit, and no "chatting" aloud. I'm jealous, and really wish I could... but, I would probably never get anything done..... We got out at 2 today, since it was freezing rain.. ( wimps ! )

                - Anya