Ingebrigtsen "punches" Lemi (Read 103 times)

    I watched the video, it was not a punch, it was a hand to let Lemi know how close he was, in order to avoid exactly what happened, a trip. It is described as a punch because it happened during a natural stride movement of the arm, making it look like he wound-up and shoved it forward. I think all of us mid distance people have done that in crowded packs with people moving around, or trying to.


    As a USATF lane judge official, I think I would have flagged Lemi for moving out in front of Ingebrigtsen without enough room to not impede progress.


    I wonder if they will institute instant replay rules in T&F to catch violations that the on-field officials miss?

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      Have you seen the Ugandans its like they are taught to punch push and fight.  the 800 girl damn shoved aside Ajee then the in the 1500 other girl did same thing to Jessica Hull.

      Thinking should be done first, before training begins.

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        It looks more like a shove rather than a pinch, but it’s the fact that Ingerbritsen then tries to cross over into the inside that trips Lemi up. He’s very lucky not to be disqualified.

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          His brother Jakob should have been DQed in 5k heats and was in the final tripping other runners up too. Not liking what I've seen from them.

            Well, he didn't make the final, anyway.


            But watch the video, the cause of the tripping is below the waist, not the hand to the back.


            Centro barely made the final, maybe he's conserving, but that was cutting it close.

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              Rubbing, is Racing.

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