Any shoe suggestions for me? (Read 91 times)


    Hello, I apologize if this question has been asked a million times, but I always figure that asking a specific question gets the best answer more quickly.

    I am in high school, I play varsity football.  I am six feet tall, and weigh 250 lbs.  I have a solid build, my focus has always been lifting so I am not fat, but as it is the offseason, I'm not as lean as I usually go into the season.  I have found recently that I like running, not in terms of sprints but in terms of long, relaxing runs to clear my head and get some exercise while doing it.  I do not really have a good-fitting pair of running shoes, and my dad told me he would buy me a new pair if I find ones that are good for my weight and will not put unnecessary strain on my knees (I am an offensive lineman, so knees are usually the first things to go).

    I am looking for a pair of shoes with good shock absorption, are made in a size 14, and aren't too expensive ($100 is probably around my cap).  Thanks for any help you may be able to offer me.  Oh, and our school athletic trainer has told me I have flat feet, so I guess that plays into the decision too haha.

      Since everyone has different feet, it is best to go to a running store that can fit you properly.  They will watch you run and make a recommendation based on your feet and stride.  If you take a used pair of running shoes with you, they can also look at the wear pattern on the shoe to help with the recommendation.  You will probably pay a little more to buy the shoes from a local running store, but it is worth it to get the right shoes.  After you know what shoe works best for you, you can look for closeouts of previous years models to save money.

        If you are willing to spend that money then go to a running store with a treadmill and a shoe specialist. They can watch you run and tell you how you are pronating and what not.  If you do have flat feet they will know the proper shoes to match that or certain insoles to balance your arch or whatever.


        this video explains what I just said.  The last 30 seconds or so shows the treadmill test  was talking about.



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          Thanks a lot guys!


            merrell bare access are amazing. i love mine